Correct Posture Campaign


It arises from the growing increase in our society of health problems resulting from poor posture. This problem, underestimated for years, is now considered one of the main causes of risk for students and video terminal operators as it is reflected not only at the level of the musculoskeletal conformation but also on the visual apparatus.
The assumption of wrong “fixed” positions, maintained even for hours, can cause permanent damage.

Small tricks to educate children

The ISPESL (Higher Institute for Prevention and Safety at Work) published in 2008 a booklet entitled “Ergonomics and School” in which it illustrates some rules for preserving sight and the growth of the spine

  1. use while reading an adjustable and tiltable support (lectern, inclined plane, …) to ensure that the back maintains a correct position
  2. the computer should be placed at a distance of about 50-70 cm from the eyes so as not to overload the visual apparatus
  3. your eyes should be level with the top of the screen.

By adopting these small precautions, we can certainly contribute at least to prevent the aforementioned ailments, safeguarding the health of our children!
POSTUROLOGICAL CONSULTANTS and ORTHOPTISTS are available at this office for rehabilitation and corrective programs.

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