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The spectrum of solar radiation includes all the radiant energy that comes from the sun and reaches the earth’s surface The light that reaches and penetrates the human eye is…

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The evident great culture and education in this studio is tangible. A doctor who will make you rest assured with his great knowledge and familiarity in the use of cutting-edge technologies, a fact that is not found in many studies in the area even today. Thanks for the courtesy shown.

Claudio S.

(Recensione su Google)
He was very punctual and friendly. He answered all my doubts and perplexities in an exhaustive and simple way. He tried to meet my needs as much as possible


(Recensione su iDoctors)
Professional, able to recommend the best solution to the problem. Excellent communication in English and empathy.

Alan Fowler

(Recensione su MioDottore)
State-of-the-art studio, kindness and professionalism on the part of all members of the staff, a great reality in Biella.

Angelo Raffaele D.

(Recensione su Google)
A very competent person in my opinion. His explanations were very clear and comprehensive, as were his advice. I will certainly use his expertise again.


(Recensione su iDoctors)
As soon as you enter you immediately feel at home, willingness to solve any difficulty seriously and quickly, great empathy from the whole team. Congratulations


(Recensione su MioDottore)
What can I say ... you can't get better ... I was practically a mole and this caused me big problems at work and in sports. Keeping contact lenses 12 hours a day cost and hurt your eyes. I have had the FEMTOLASIK surgery for about 5 years and have never worn glasses again. Kindness, professionalism and updating will be the qualities you will find in this studio.

Alessio S.

(Recensione su Google)
I interfaced with a collaborator of the doctor for an orthoptic visit, I was satisfied with everything.


(Recensione su iDoctors)
The studio was recommended to me by a friend. I was very satisfied both by the technologies made available and by the professional's competence. A close-knit team and great attention to the patient. Highly recommended


(Recensione su MioDottore)
Its fame is well deserved. Study with cutting-edge technologies (you understand how you enter his office) and great attention to the patient. Although I was not his client, he decided to visit me in urgency, on a Sunday morning (keratitis contracted in Korea, which was causing me severe pain). If you are looking for a capable doctor who is also attentive to the "human" aspect, you are in the right place. 10 and praise to the person and the doctor.

Eugenio B.

(Recensione su Google)
A very trained and attentive doctor. A study with the best diagnostic technologies. Highly recommended!


(Recensione su MioDottore)
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