What is Orthoptics?

Orthoptics is a branch of ophthalmology and investigate, diagnose and treat defects of binocular vision and muscle imbalance (as strabismus) by re-education of visual habits, excercise and visual training. The orthoptist works along with the ophthalmologist in finding the right optics, orthoptics pharmacological or surgical treatment.

Treatments in children

The rare individualized treatments in dealing with child with amblylopia:

  • In Hospital, with traditional methods
  • At Home, with proper softwares, specifically created to offer to the patient a most comforting visual training.

Treatments in adults

In order to promptly diagnose and treat:

  • diplopia or double vision, when possible, we use specific lens called prisms.
  • Treatments to Asthenopia or eye-strain, a condition in which the eyes get tired easily.

What does orthoptics do?

Orthoptics deals with the eye movements at the time of reading or/and writing (dyslexia and other learning disabilities). It gives a guide to the best ways and measures to use in ordert o guarantee the best cognitive development to the patients during their school cycle. It studies the residual vision in patients with severe eye pathologies that alter their global vision (low vision) and gives individualized training through the help of specific eye appliances.

The importance of an orthoptics evaluation

An orthoptics evaluation is needed to diagnose or exclude disorders as misalignment of the visual axes, strabismus, lazy eye and double vision. The orthoptics appointment is an easy and painless evaluation that children can also find funny and enjoyable thanks to the qualified staff that builds a relationship of trust and empathy with the patients in order to have their attention.
Therefore, funny and colourful tools and Ortopad plasters are used.
It is important that younger children have an eye examination and a orthoptics evaluation when they are 3 or 4 years old in order to diagnose or prevent eventual complications. Eye diseases are clinical conditions often overlooked, especially when they have mild effects, but it is important to intervene as soon as possible to resolve the issue with an early diagnosis. Eye exercises are vital to healing process of many pathologies and are useful to re-educate the eye muscles.

Why Eye Exams are important!

For both adults and children alike, eye exams are vital to check for early signs of eye disease or health conditions in order to prevent future damage and preserve optimal eyesight. Click the button below to request an appointment. If you have any questions or need further additional information, please contact us filling the contact form. We will gladly assist you.

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