Dr. Valeria Marinaccio

Dott.Ssa Valeria Marinaccio

Areas of Expertise

  • Excellent skills on the application, design and calculation of all types of lenses including:
    • LAC RGP
    • ORTHO-K
    • IBRIDE
    • Sclerali
    • Morbide
  • Experience in using Topographer, OCT, Iolmaster, Retinography, Retimax Advanced Plus, Ophthalmoscope and Slit Lamp

Why Eye Exams are important!

For both adults and children alike, eye exams are vital to check for early signs of eye disease or health conditions in order to prevent future damage and preserve optimal eyesight. Click the button below to request an appointment. If you have any questions or need further additional information, please contact us filling the contact form. We will gladly assist you.

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